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TNT Scrap has played a big role in the success of our business over the past 5 years. They pay the highest prices and the service is always excellent!

Stephen L.
President - S&K Contracting

Scrap Metal Import & Export

TNT Scrap is able to provide its customers some of the best pricing in the industry. We accomplish this by marketing our scrap worldwide. We have business relationships in other countries such as China, India, South America, Taiwan, and Korea. By trading worldwide instead of just in the United States we are able to tap into the demands of other countries. By shipping to wherever the highest demand for a particular type of scrap may be, we can provide strong returns for customers or other scrap recyclers.

Our trading department monitors the world markets and are always looking for new brokers or traders in foreign countries or the United States so that we can continue to offer the best prices for our customers. If you are a broker or trader and are interested in doing business with us please call 718-366-4017

TNT Scrap Metal also provides broker services to other scrap recyclers who may be looking to expand their consumer list. We can broker both ferrous and nonferrous scrap worldwide using rail services, trucking, and overseas containers. Our trading department can handle all of the logistics for you.

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